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2nd Annual Life Sciences and Society Symposium at MU

The Social and Cultural Implications of New Biomedical Technologies


Time: March 9 & 10, 2005
Place: Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center

Jane Maienschein
Director, Center for Biology and Society (Arizona State University), "Whose View of Life: Embryos, Cloning, and Stem Cells"

  • Presider - Peter M. Hall, Department of Sociology (MU)
  • Welcoming Remarks - Lori Franz, Provost (MU); M. Chippendale, Life Sciences Ctr
  • Introduction - Garland Allen, Department of Biology (Washington U.)
  • Discussant - Philip Peters, School of Law (MU)

Charis Thompson
Departments of Women's Studies and Rhetoric (Cal- Berkeley) "Sex, Drugs and Money: The Public, Privacy, and the Monopoly of Desperation in U.S. Reproductive Technologies."

  • Presider - Marjorie Sable, School of Social Work (MU)
  • Discussant - Mary K. Zimmerman, Department of Sociology and School of Medicine (University of Kansas)

Shobita Parthasarathy
Ctr for Society and Genetics and Dept of Public Policy (UCLA) "In Good Health We Trust: Comparing the Philosophies of Genetic Medicine in a Globalizing World."

  • Presider - James Scott, Truman School of Public Affairs (MU)
  • Discussant - Tola Pearce, Department of Sociology and Women's & Gender Studies

Francoise Baylis
Departments of Bioethics and Philosophy (Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., Canada), "Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Policy and Politics."

  • Presider - Jacquelyn Litt, MU Women's and Gender Studies Program and Department of Sociology
  • Discussant: Kristen Swain, School of Journalism and Mass Communications (University of Kansas)

Karen-Sue Taussig
Department of Anthropology and School of Medicine (U. Minn) "Technologies of the Self: Nature Culture and the Desire for Regenerative Medicine."

  • Presider - Elizabeth Barham, Department of Rural Sociology (MU)
  • Discussant - Mary Jo Neitz, Department of Sociology (MU)

Barbara Koenig
Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, (Stanford University and as of July 2005 Mayo Clinic and College of Medicine) "Technology, (Im)mortality and Rhetoric or Choice."

  • Presider - Lee Wilkins, School of Journalism (MU)
  • Discussant - David Fleming, Center for Health Ethics, School of Medicine (MU)
  • Final Remarks - Jay Gubrium, Department of Sociology (MU)

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