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1st Annual Life Sciences and Society Symposium at MU:
The Human Genome and Public Policy


Time: March 8 & 9, 2004
Place: Memorial Union

Jonathan Marks
  • Department of Anthropology and Sociology (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) "Hereditarian Myths & Genetic Realities."
  • Presider - Peter M. Hall, Department of Sociology (MU)
  • Welcoming Remarks - Brady Deaton, Provost (MU) & James Coleman, Vice Provost for Research (MU)
  • Discussants - Garland Allen, Department of Biology (Washington University) & Daniel Wescott, Department of Anthropology (MU)

Bonnie LeRoy
  • Genetics Counseling Program (University of Minnesota) "Professional & Ethical Challenges in the Practice of Genetic Counseling."
  • Presider - Marjorie Sable, School of Social Work (MU))
  • Discussants - Judith Miles, Department of Child Health-School of Medicine (MU)) & David Fleming, Center for Health Ethics-School of Medicine (MU))

Susannah Baruch
  • Genetics and Public Policy Center, Washington D.C.) "Sausage-Making 101: Federal Genetic Discrimination Legislation."
  • Presider - Sheila Brookes, Center for Family Policy and Research (MU)
  • Discussants - Dana Baker, Truman School of Public Affairs (MU) & James Scott, Truman School of Public Affairs (MU)

Peter Conrad
  • Department of Sociology (Brandeis University) "Genetics and Behavior in the News: Dilemmas of a Rising Paradigm."
  • Presider - Joan Hermsen, Department of Sociology (MU)
  • Discussant - Lee Wilkins, Journalism (MU)
  • "Genetics in the Classroom: Voices from the Field"
  • Presider - Sandra Abell, Southwestern Bell Center for Science Education (MU)
  • Panel Discussion
    • Miriam Golomb, Department of Biological Sciences (MU)
    • Susan Helwig (North Kansas City High School)
    • Lanett Jauss (North Kansas City High School)
    • Patricia Friedrichsen (College of Education, MU)

Troy Duster
  • Department of Sociology (New York University and University of California-Berkeley) "The Evolving Revolution in Human Molecular Biology: Dramatic Spin-offs, New Directions, and Major Social Consequences."
  • Presider - Jaber Gubrium, Department of Sociology (MU)
  • Discussants - Philip Peters, School of Law (MU) & Clarence Lo, Department of Sociology (MU)