Neuro Art History ImageJohn Onians

John Onians, BA PhD FSA, is Professor Emeritus at the School of World Art Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich England. He has held research fellowships in France, Germany, New Zealand and the United States. His recent work has been instrumental in the establishment of Neuroarthistory as a distinct set of methodologies. It combines neuroscience and art history to work out what happens in the artist’s brain.

He specializes in architecture, especially the architectural theory of the Italian Renaissance; painting, sculpture and architecture in Ancient Greece and Rome; Byzantine art, material culture, metaphor and thought; perception and cognition, and the biological basis of art.

John Onians PictureHe has authored four books Art and the Thought in the Hellenistic Age, Bearers of Meaning, Classical Art and the Cultures of Greece and Rome, and Neuroarthistory: From Aristotle and Pliny to Baxandall and Zeki (2008) and The Art Atlas (2008). He has edited Sight and Insight, Atlas of World
, and Compression Vs. Expression.