MU Life Sciences and Society Program
Confronting Climate Change
Life Sciences and Society Program
105h Bond Life Sciences Center
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Phone: (573) 884-6883

Annual Symposium

Each year, the Life Sciences & Society Program organizes a symposium that explores a juncture between the life sciences and culture which is of pressing significance and interest to a variety of disciplines and to the public.

With the 5th Annual Symposium in 2009, we began a multiyear series under the heading Beyond Disciplinarity. Each symposium in the series promotes an emerging field of interdisciplinary or postdisciplinary research.

Beyond Disciplinarity Series

2016 Confronting Climate Change
2015 The Epigenetics Revolution: Nature, Nurture and What Lies Ahead
2014 Decoding Science
2013 Claiming Kin
2012 Food Sense
2011 Ethics and the Brain
2010 From Art to Biology and Back Again *
2009 Darwin’s Ongoing Revolution: Evolutionary Thought in Emerging Fields

Past Life Sciences & Society Symposia

2007 Biofuels: Initiatives, Challenges, and Opportunities
2006 Stem Cell Research in the Heartland: Social, Ethical, Cultural, Legal, and Economic Implications
2005 The Cultural and Social Implications of New Biomedical Technology
2004 The Human Genome and Public Policy

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