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ENG 3700/ANTH 3150/FILM 3005: American Folklore: Food Sense (and Nonsense)

Spring semester, 2012, TuTh 2:00-3:15pm and Tu 6:30-9pm, 3 credit hours
University of Missouri

Fundraiser for 8th annual Life Sciences & Society Symposium, Food Sense

Thursday December 8, 2011 at 5:30pm
Ragtag Cinema, Columbia, MO.
Free screening with donations going to support the 2012 LSSP Symposium

With post-film discussion led by Beth Shoyer, licensed psychologist specializing in eating issues and mindfulness-based interventions including mindful eating.

The Burger and the King: the Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley

(dir. James Marsh, 1996, 60 min). From the acclaimed director of Man on Wire, this earlier film examines Elvis Presley’s love of food. This unique look into Presley’s life offers a new perspective on the musician’s psyche. The film documents dishes (mostly fried) from squirrel to peanut butter and banana sandwiches, complete with recipes. Along the way, we meet a range of fascinating characters, from Elvis’ cook who served his last meal of cheeseburgers to his eating companion who was known to join him on chartered flights just to satisfy a craving.

Ragtag Film Series

Thursday January 19, 2012 at 5:30pm

Ragtag Cinema, Columbia, MO.

With post-film discussion led by Bill McKelvey, Project Coordinator, Department of Rural Sociology, University of Missouri, Laina Fullum, Director of Nutrition Services for Columbia Public Schools, and Brad Faith, Chef of Nutrition Services for Columbia Public Schools.

Lunch Line

(dir. Ernie Park and Michael Graziano, 2009, 63 min). This documentary takes a new look at the school lunch program by exploring its past, its current challenges, and its opportunities for the future. The National School Lunch Program began in 1946, and now, more than 60 years later, the program feeds more than 31 million children every day. In the film, leaders from all sides of the school food debate, including government officials, school foodservice experts, activists, and students, weigh in on the program and discuss ways to continue nourishing America’s children for another 60 years.

Eat for Life 10 Week Program

In Person and Online Courses start week of January 23, 2002

Discover the benefits of this innovative approach to weight management and re-discovering the joy of eating. This ten week program uses mind-body practices meditation and yoga), the principles of mindful and intuitive eating, skills training, and group support to guide you in making lifestyle changes that will help you create a healthier relationship to your food, mind, and body. If you have a history of chronic dieting, have rigid “healthy” rules about eating, or find yourself eating when you’re stressed, bored, or unhappy, this may be the program for you. This non-judgmental, non-diet approach helps you use your internal physical cues to guide what and when you eat. You will learn about your own “mindless eating” habits as well as some of those outlined in Brian Wansink’s book, “Mindless Eating.” Sponsored by Healthy for Life, the T. E. Atkins Wellness Program at the University of Missouri.

Cost: Faculty & Staff at University of Missouri - $50, $25 refunded w/ full participation. Community Members - $180.00

For more information: Contact Lynn Rossy at

Juried Show: Food: Fact or Fiction

Perlow-Stevens Art Gallery, Columbia, MO

Submission deadline: January 15, 2012
Show: February 14-March 31, 2012

MU Museum of Art & Archaeology Film Series

Friday March 2, 2012 at 7:00pm
MU Museum of Art & Archaeology, 106 Pickard Hall
Free screening

Mostly Martha

(dir. Sandra Nettelback, 2001, 105 min). Martha (Martina Gedeck) is the chef of a popular Hamburg eatery who fusses and obsesses over each dish before it leaves the kitchen. The demands of her job and her natural shyness keep her from breaking out of her routine to meet new people. When her sister suddenly dies in a car accident, Martha adopts Lina, her eight-year-old niece. Martha's life soon completely changes -- not only must she adjust herself to new parental role, but she must help Lina deal with her grief over the loss of her mother.

University of Missouri Libraries Exhibit

Food Revolutions: Science & Nutrition 1700-1920

March 6-29, 2012
Ellis Library, University of Missouri, Ellis Library Colonnade

“Food Revolutions: How Science Changed the Way We Eat, 1550-2350”

March 6, 2:30pm
Ellis Library, University of Missouri, Ellis Library Colonnade

Ragtag Film Series

Wednesday March 14, 2012 at 5:30pm
Ragtag Cinema, Columbia, MO.
Free screening with discussion led by LuAnne Roth, English Department


(dir. Juzo Itami, 1985, 114 min). This off-beat comedy follows two truck drivers, Goro and Gun who help chef Tampopo set up the perfect fast-food noodle restaurant – a ramen western rather than a spaghetti western. "Tampopo" is one of those utterly original movies that seems to exist in no known category… it's a bemused meditation on human nature in which one humorous situation flows into another offhandedly, as if life were a series of smiles,” Roger Ebert.

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Research Week Poster Session
in conjunction with Food Sense

Thursday March 15, 2012 2:00-4:00pm
Bond Life Sciences Center

This year’s poster session will highlight research being conducted at the University of Missouri, Columbia on the many and varied aspects of sense and sensation as they relate to food and physical activity, including biological triggers, cultural norms, economic activity, and social surroundings. Posters welcome from all disciplines and perspectives.

Call for Abstracts released: Monday, February 6th, 2012

Abstracts due: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012.