MU Life Sciences and Society Program
Self-portrait of 18th-century wax modeller and anatomist Anna Morandi Manzolini dissecting a human brain; Palazzo Poggi, Bologna
Life Sciences and Society Program
105h Bond Life Sciences Center
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

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The University of Missouri offers a wide range of courses that

  • explore the sciences within their cultural, social, ethical, and historical contexts;
  • investigate the social implications of science, and/or
  • seek to understand human society from biological perspectives.

Each of the courses listed below opens interdisciplinary avenues for study, and these approaches deepen your understanding as you continue to explore options from different departments and disciplines.


AG EC 2156Introduction to Environmental Law.
AG EC 3241Ethical Issues in Agriculture.
AG EC 3256Agribusiness and Biotechnology Law.
AG EC 4356Environmental Law and Policy.
AG JRN 1160Introduction to Agricultural and Environmental Journalism.
AG S M 2020Environmental Ethics in Agriculture.
AN SCI 2111Sophomore Seminar: Societal Issues Facing Animal Agriculture.
BIOCHM 2112Biotechnology in Society.
PLNT S 1125People, Plants and the Environment.
PLNT S 2075Horticultural Ecology.
RU SOC 1120Population and the Environment.(same as Sociology 1120).
RU SOC 2225Science, Technology and Society.
RU SOC 4310Sociology of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
FOREST 3217Fire and Society.

Arts & Science

ANTHRO 1500Monkeys, Apes and Humans.
Anthro 2570Parents and Offspring.
ANTHRO 2580Evolution of Human Sexuality.
Anthro 3540Human Biology and Life History.
ANTHRO 3560Plagues and Peoples.
ANTHRO 3680Plants and People in Native America.
ANTHRO 4340Cultural Evolution and Change.
ANTHRO 4360Medical Anthropology.
ANTHRO 4320Ecological and Environmental Anthropology.
Anthro 4580Evolutionary Medicine.
BIO SCI ??Evolution for Everyone.
BIO SCI 3050Genetics and Society.
BIO SCI 4994Darwin & Disease F09 (capstone seminar in evolutionary medicine).
English 2000(Topics in English) Reflections on Discovery: Darwin and Others.
English 2100 or 4970when taught as Literature and Science.
English 4100/7100(Genres) when taught as Literature of Travel, Exploration, and Discovery.
English 4045/7045Rhetorical Studies (The Rhetoric of Scientific Texts).
GEOG 2550Introduction to the Humanized Earth.
GEOL 1200Environmental Geology.
GS1250The World's Oceans.
GEOL 2120HFaults and Earthquakes?
GEOL 2160HVolcanoes and the Human Environment - Honors (same as Honors 2450H).
GEOL 2300Earth Systems and Global Change.
GEOL 2600Mineral and Energy Resources of the Earth.
GERMAN 2480Monstrous Births: Tales of Creation in 19th Century Literature .
GERMAN 3005when taught as Disciplining Bodies: Literature and the Life Sciences.
HIST 3420America’s Environmental Experience.(same as Peace Studies 3420).
HIST 3550The Origins of Scientific Thought.
HIST 3560The Scientific Revolution: 1550-1800.
PHIL 1150Introductory Bioethics.
PHL 2300Philosophy of human nature.
PHL 2440Medical Ethics.
PHL 2600Rational Decisions.
PHIL 2820Introduction to Cognitive Science.(same as PSYCH 2820 and LINGST 2820).
PHL 4130Probability and Induction.
PHIL 4400Philosophy of Science.
PHIL 4420Philosophy of Biology.
PHIL 4510Medical Ethics.
PHYSCS 1100Science and Inventions.
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and Behavior.
Psych 2220Drugs and Behavior.
PSYCH 2810Human Sexuality.
PSYCH 2820Introduction to Cognitive Science.(same as LINGST 2820 and PHIL 2820).
PSYCH 2830Human-Companion Animal Interaction.
PSYCH 3140Cognitive Psychology.
Psych 3830Health Psychology.
Psych 3860Law and Psychological Science.
PSYCH 4240Cognitive Neuroscience.
PSYCH 4410Sex Differences.
PSYCH 4520Behavior Genetics.
SOCIOL 1120Population and Ecology.(same as Rural Sociology 1120).
SOCIOL 3330Environmental Justice.
SOCIOL 3440Sociology of Health.
SOCIOL 3460Technology and Society.
SOCIOL 4300Death and Dying.
SOCIOL 4370Environment and Society.(same as Rural Sociology 4370).
SOCIOL 4400Sociology of Health Systems.
WGST 1120Bodies, Cultures, and Nations.
WGST 3530
WGST 4420The Politics of Reproduction and Fertility Control.(same as Human Development and Family Studies 4670).
WGST 4600


Journ 4414/7414 or Ag Journ 4414Field Reporting on the Food System and Environment.
JOURN 4416Science, Health and Environmental Writing. (J students only).
Journ 4428/7428Health Reporting Skills J students only).
Under development:
            Advanced Environmental Journalism
            Study Abroad: Environmental and Food System Reporting in the Developing World
            Deep Reporting on the Environment and Food System
            Writing about Science and Medical Research


NURSE 4600Women’s Health.(same as Women’s and Gender Studies 4600).
NURSE 4875Principles of Public Health Nursing: Population-Based Practice.

Veterinary Medicine

BIOMED 2420Inactivity and Disease.
BIOMED 3300Animal Welfare & Ethics.


Honors College Course GH 1070 Section 4Discussions on Science and Policy.