Confronting Climate Change

March 12 and 17-19, 2016

Monsanto Auditorium

Bond Life Sciences Center

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Climate change is one of the key challenges facing the world today, but its implications are far more diverse than many realize. While some still argue about whether climate change is really happening, most scientists agree that it is and are focused on understanding it better and charting a way to lessen its effects. While nations discuss what should be done and who should bear the cost, many countries and cities are moving forward with their own bold initiatives. While some focus on the implications of extreme weather, others ask how climate change will affect our food systems, our social institutions, and our health. While some explore the effects of climate change in data and words, others explore it in photos, poetry, or music.

The 12th Annual LSSP Symposium addresses the complex and controversial topic of how we should confront climate change by gathering seven expert speakers in search of answers to a few key questions: How and why is climate change happening? What are its consequences likely to be for weather, agriculture, health, and society? And, what can and should be done—in terms of energy, technology and policy—to mitigate it?

All events are free and open to the public.

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