Claiming Kin Symposium 2013


Stefani Engelstein Ph.D., co-chair of planning committee
Director, Life Sciences and Society Program; Associate Professor of German Studies
Research areas: literary and cultural studies in connection with the history of science.

Mary K. Shenk Ph.D., co-chair of planning committee
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Research Areas: Evolutionary, economic, and demographic approaches to kinship, marriage, and fertility in South Asia.

Planning Committee

Gustavo Carlo Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Diversity and Multicultural Studies, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Research Areas: Prosocial and moral development among children and adolescents; Temperament, family correlates, social cognitions and emotions and culture related variables associated with development.

Colleen Colaner Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Research Areas: Identity in family and interpersonal relationships, role of communication in creation and maintenance of identities.

Marilyn Coleman Ed.D.
Curators’ Professor; Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Research Areas: Remarriage and stepfamilies, Gender issues, intergenerational family obligations.

Teresa Cooney Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Research Interests: Parent-child relationships in adulthood, family demography, aging and the life course, adults’ adjustment to divorce.

Lawrence Ganong Ph.D.
Professor and Co-Chair, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Research Areas: Family obligations and structure stereotyping, families and health, remarriage and stepfamilies.

David Geary Ph.D.
Curators’ Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences
Research Areas: Mathematics and Science Cognition and Learning, Development and Disorders, Evolution.

Mark Flinn Ph.D.
Professor, Anthropology Department
Research areas: evolutionary human biology, behavior, and culture, and center on psychological stress, family relationships, the human brain, and culture.

Noah Heringman Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of English
Research areas: History of geological sciences, Antiquarianism, Deep time, Romanticism.

Shannon Jackson Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology- University of Missouri- Kansas City
Research Areas: Socio-cultural Anthropology, Urban studies: Space, Embodiment, and Technology.

Mark Palmer Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Research Areas: Indigenous geographies, critical-GIS, Natural resources, North America, qualitative methods, place-based approach to earth systems science.

David Pan Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of German; University of California- Irvine
Research Areas: Aesthetics and tradition; Role of humanities and sciences.

Brad Prager Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of German and Russian Studies
Research Areas: Film Studies, contemporary German studies, Holocaust Studies, art and literature of German romanticism.

Amit Prasad Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Research Areas: Impact of regulation on medical technology development and clinical deployment, transnationally; changing medical gaze with emergence of computer-assisted medical technologies; and issues of medical privacy and medical data digitization.

LuAnne Roth Ph.D.
Education Coordinator, Mizzou Advantage; Adjunct Assistant Professor of English
Research Areas: Folkloristics, film/media studies, and gender, post-colonial, and critical race theory.

Frank Schmidt Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Research Areas: combinational biochemistry used to study problems related to the origin of life, developing new ways to prevent infectious diseases in humans, domestic animals and plants.

Jack Schultz Ph.D.
Director, Bond Life Sciences Center; Professor of Plant Science
Research Areas: interactions between plant defensive chemistry and insect herbivores, dynamic "induced" responses by plants to attack by insects, how some insects mask their attack or even manipulate plant defenses, how plant responses to insect herbivores influences their responses to other stresses.

Jon Stemmle M.A.
Co-Director, Health Communication Research Center; Assistant Professor, Strategic Communication, Missouri School of Journalism
Research Areas: Health-related community-based participatory research, tailored health communication, and non-traditional learning.

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